• What is a LCSW?

    LCSW stands for Licensed Clinical Social Worker, the title of one of the seven groups of health professionals licensed to practice psychotherapy in the Commonwealth of Virginia. All LCSW’s are regulated by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Health Professions. A LCSW must have a master’s or a doctoral degree in a mental health field which includes 60 graduate semester hours in an accredited social work program. After finishing course work, they must complete 2 years of supervised clinical work experience with a qualified clinical supervisor. All LCSW’s must also pass a state exam before they are granted licensure. They work in a variety of settings where mental health services are offered, including private therapy practices, hospitals, community service boards, schools, clinics, non-profit organizations.

  • What is psychotherapy?

    Psychotherapy is a general term that is used to describe the process of treating psychological disorders and mental health issues. During this process, a trained psychotherapist helps the client tackle a specific or general problem such as a particular mental illness or a source of life stress. Depending on the approach used by the therapist, a wide range of techniques and strategies can be used. However, almost all types of psychotherapy involve developing a therapeutic relationship, communicating and creating a dialogue and working to overcome problematic thoughts or behaviors. Psychotherapy may be performed by practitioners with a number of different qualifications, including psychologists, marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, psychiatric nurse practitioners and psychiatrists.

  • How long does psychotherapy take?

    A psychotherapy session is 45-60 minutes per session. The amount of sessions needed are unique to the individual client, specific to the presenting problem of the client and their goals for therapy. Sessions typically begin as a weekly session and is continually evaluated throughout the course of treatment. In psychotherapy, there is no definitive end date. Psychotherapy is an ongoing process wherein the presenting problem can be addressed in a few sessions where other goals can be more long term. This can be discussed in the initial assessment/first visit.

  • How much does psychotherapy cost?

    Psychotherapy sessions are typically 45-60 minutes in length. The average cost of an individual session is $100-150, for a licensed psychotherapist, per session and group rates vary. Sliding scale fees are available with our supervisees in social work. Our supervisees in social work are psychotherapists who are working towards licensure. Sliding scale fees for an individual session are $50-100. They do not accept insurance. The fee is discussed during the initial assessment and agreed upon by both the therapist and the client. All fees are due at the beginning of the session. This fee may change at any time and proof of income may be required.

  • Do you take insurance?

    Currently, HCC accepts some insurance companies. If HCC does not take your insurance, you may be able to be reimbursed by your insurance company if you have out of network benefits. Therefore a receipt may be provided upon request for reimbursement. HCC is currently credentialed with CIGNA; Anthem (Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare); Coventry/MHNet (Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare), Optima, Megellan, Aetna, United Healthcare and Value Options/Beacon. HCC accepts cash, check, credit card and flexible spending accounts. Your payment and/or co-pay is due at the time services are rendered. It is your responsibility to get authorization prior to services if needed by your insurance company. If you do not have insurance, our psychotherapist supervisees see clients for a sliding scale fee.